Albert Park, Prologue

>Albert Park – In His Own Words

>Come to this Thursday’s event to hear the prologue to Albert Park: A Memoir in Lies.  The prologue was published in Turtle Quarterly‘s “Lies” issue.  Here’s a sneak preview:

I was deposited in Albert Park as an infant, a quivering pink piece of flesh wrapped in a foreign language newspaper. It was there, in front of the plaque and below the flagpole, where the people who took me in found me.

I was not sweetly swaddled in a soft reed basket like some Moses, but packed in a cardboard box and dropped off there by the post office. I still have the postmark from that box. There was no return address. I know that many wish there was, as I have often been told to go back where I came from.

Albert Park became my name because I had no name, no past, no one I belonged to.

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