Albert Park

>Page 100

>Yesterday page 95 came and went, sometime in the middle of the afternoon, and I wondered if I could make it to page 100 before the clock struck twelve and the New Year began. Page 100 would mark a half-way point (also the mid-point of part II of my three-part novel) and I'd wind up with a word count of around 25,000, midway to a respectable, if smallish 50,000 word novel. It was slow-going at best, and I wasn't sure if midnight would arrive before the page counter hit 100. Working without a net (an outline), it's possible the entire thing will hit the ground and shatter into a bloody mess without achieving anything.
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Albert Park, Let Them Eat Crepes

>I’m Everywhere – I’d Love Some Company

>OMG -Let Them Eat Crepes events at  Common Good Books (Dec 2), CorAzoN(Dec 10 – Washington Ave); Albert Park Festival at Amore Coffee (Dec 9 – Smith/Annapolis location). I’d love to see you, oh blog readers that number in the THOUSANDS I’m sure, at any of these fine locations. Stop by, enjoy readings, do some holiday shopping, and see if you can possibly get enough of me!

Albert Park, Prologue

>Albert Park – In His Own Words

>Come to this Thursday’s event to hear the prologue to Albert Park: A Memoir in Lies.  The prologue was published in Turtle Quarterly‘s “Lies” issue.  Here’s a sneak preview:

I was deposited in Albert Park as an infant, a quivering pink piece of flesh wrapped in a foreign language newspaper. It was there, in front of the plaque and below the flagpole, where the people who took me in found me.

I was not sweetly swaddled in a soft reed basket like some Moses, but packed in a cardboard box and dropped off there by the post office. I still have the postmark from that box. There was no return address. I know that many wish there was, as I have often been told to go back where I came from.

Albert Park became my name because I had no name, no past, no one I belonged to.