Pretty Things

Creativity has many outlets — in prose, in poetry, and sometimes in pretty things. These days my heart is happiest at my sewing machine. I’ve been a sewist since I was a young girl, and I come from a long line of tailors, dress makers, alterers, and more. In fact, my maiden name, Schneider, is the German word for tailor. Over the past several years I’ve upped my skills by taking fitting classes, joining a Quilt Guild, become a member of a fiber arts center, and sewing, a lot.

Cork and cotton purses on sale at the Textile Center 2019 Gallery Shop
Hobo bag made of cotton with cork accents.

I sometimes wake up very early and get to the sewing machine that is not in a room where someone else is sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, there are a number of new, handmade quilts in my house. And in a few weeks, I will have a quilt or two in the Minnesota Quilt Show.

Handmade quilt featuring patchwork, applique, hand and machine embroidery. 100% cotton top and back; 80/20 batting. 73″ x 73″. To be shown at the Minnesota Quilt Show, June 2019

Where next?

Friends who have seen my new work have suggested I should go into eCommerce or sell at shows. I don’t know yet. I still have a day job but retirement isn’t too far off. Who knows. As long as I make things that make me happy, I am satisfied for now.