Third Story to appear in “World’s Best Mystery Magazine”

I just signed my third contract with Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (EQMM). “Tonic” will appear in a future EQMM issue. “Boys will be Boys”  appeared in the December 2013 issue and “Open Ended” was published exactly two years later in December 2015.

Stephen King calls EQMM the “world’s best mystery magazine” and the magazine and its stories have won numerous prizes. To have three stories picked up by EQMM is amazing.  There is perhaps one thing better than a three-peat in EQMM: this trio of dogs — all Wags & Whiskers adoptees in the past year — on the author’s lap. All seem eager to hear a great mystery story, right? Or go on a walk? Probably both.


Here is your cute puppy picture for the day.

My next challenge will be to write publishable stories faster than I can adopt cute puppy dogs!

Check out EQMM and think of subscribing (available in print and for reading devices) or picking up a single issue (available at bookstores), especially if you love mysteries in bite-sized pieces – you might find a new mystery writer you want to check out.