The Inconsistent Muse

Some writing prompts inspire, others leave me cold. For example, no matter how much I thought about Vita.mn’s “choose your own adventure” prompt, I couldn’t come up with a thing. I don’t find structure inspiring I guess. It’s not a jumping off point.

Revolver’s “the city was in a mild state of ache” was weirdly inspiring, and an oddly placed letter (misspelling anyone?) in my Imagefirst line sent me off in a direction I didn’t expect.

The former prompt was for a no-fee contest with a $1,000 possible reward. The latter promises publication to the winner, no money, but given the structure of the contest, one is instantly published on Facebook. So why couldn’t I bite the bullet and come up with something, anything for the possible monetary prize?

Who knows. It’s the nature of the muse. Wish writing were a piece of cake. A luscious, chocolate, calorie-free piece of cake.