Haunted Past, Haunted House


“Arvo Thorson sat on his dead mother’s chintz armchair one windless July night. For hours, he kept watch out her bedroom window, seeming to take in nothing more than the brooding mirror of Lake Superior.

His handgun rested on his knee.”

So opens my short story — “Boys will be Boys” — which will appear in the February 2013 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.  The magazine is found pretty much everywhere books are sold (check the newstands) and is also available online and in ebook form.

My contributor copies arrived in the mail today, so I snapped this photo. The story appears on the last pages of the magazine, a nice spot!  I hope you read it and like it!! It isn’t connected with any of the Arvo Thorson mysteries, but who  knows, maybe it’s the start of Book #4! Check out the other books in the series, if you haven’t already.

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