Bibliomadness: It’s Not All About Me

Every night there seems to be another author launch, another book event, another literary happening, eh, happening somewhere.

It’s bibliomadness I know, and I’m in the middle of the bookish cyclone in launching my latest novel. (See, for instance, the NEW EVENTS I just added. Tomorrow I’ll be in Edina, Saturday Duluth, next week points elsewhere)

If you love books and are in the Twin Cities, the grandmother of all fall book events is the Twin Cities Book Festival, coming on October 13, especially if you’re having trouble getting to multiple events in one night. I know I’ve been in that particular boat. I’ll be there either at one or another booth, or just roaming around, likely with an armload of new purchases.

If you love books, can’t keep up and/or aren’t located in the Twin Cities, you can stay in touch with all things literary at Mill City Bibliophile, newly relaunched by Patrick Nathan. Check it out.