Hello, It’s Reality Me

Dear Vacation Me:

Please don’t hate me. It’s Reality Me. I’m taking over tomorrow morning, first thing. I know you don’t want to have anything to do with me until then, but it might be best if you put away those sepia-tinted glasses, file away the maps and souvenirs, try and get to bed early tonight and get a good rest.

Re-entry can be brutal, and I will try to be as gentle as possible with you. Please remember that you also need to be gentle with me. I know I’m not as fun and relaxed as you are; frankly, I’m a wet blanket who insists on being a task master and ordering you around all day long. Don’t you think I get tired of being all business 24-7?

I’d love to be the happy-go-lucky Vacation Me, the loose and carefree, unscheduled Vacation Me, sitting with my feet up, reading a book, having a gin & tonic at 2 in the afternoon. Instead, I’m the one with the to-do list mentality, the drill sergeant no one ever invites to lunch, the one who works late. The boring one.

You’re the one everyone daydreams about, I’m the one everyone has nightmares about. Sometimes. Not always. Reality Me gets the job done, though, no question. Reality Me earns the paycheck so Vacation Me can, well, exist from time to time. Really, Vacation Me, you should be thanking your lucky stars that Reality Me is taking care of business.

So try to be nice to me. I’ll be as gentle as I can to you. So set the alarm. Try to hit the Snooze button not more than twice at most. Don’t stay up too late. And try not to get overwhelmed…it won’t take long and you’ll be right back in the swing of Reality Me.

Remember, Reality Me is not forever.  You will be back soon enough, and until then, you’ll be a pleasant thing to plan and look forward to (Europe? Sunny beach somewhere? Cool lakeside? Weekend getaway?), and help Reality Me to slog through the tough times.


Reality Me