Summer Storm

Summer Storm

(Inspired by the cadence, common words and basic rhyme scheme of  the children’s book/poem “Goodnight Moon“)

The day was hot

Anvil clouds shot high

Thunderheads popped

The wind whipped by


Our weathervane

Spun round and round

Then lightning struck

And the rain came down


The sirens blared

The dogs bayed and quivered

The kids got scared

The windows shivered


The thunder crashed

Hail fell all about

Some cars got mashed

Then the lights went out


Our lawn chairs flew off

When the wind suddenly gusted

They never were recovered

And our patio table busted


It was dank, it was dark

In our cellar room

Our flashlight died

We felt full of doom


And then in a moment,

It was quiet at last

The deluge was over

The storm had passed


The dogs were walked

When the rain went away

The dog walkers talked

There was so much to say


Rottie’s roof was pierced

Teacup’s car was crushed

Maltese’s tree fell down

The lab’s sidewalk heaved up.


The chain saws came out

Cleared all the trees away

The power crews arrived

And got the power back to stay


And by and by

Life went back to the norm

Though it wasn’t quite the same

After the summer storm.