Sensational Book PR Template for Novices

What are SEX, CHOCOLATE, and ANGELS doing in a press release? This is what our post will answer. After reading it, novice novelists will have no fear handing their own PR. Just use this simple template, insert your own biographical information and your book title,  hit send and you are guaranteed to be a best-selling author in no time.


—————————–Book Release PR Template————————————–


SENSATIONAL debut novel maybe with some SEX and some SEXY SEX but absolutely not any involving ANGELS. You may eat CHOCOLATE while reading the novel. Be warned: there are some dead people in it because it’s a murder mystery. 

City You Never Heard Of, State of Confusion – Now – Because the first paragraph of the press release MUST summarize who, what, when, where, and why, let’s quickly get to the point.

Them, murder, not sure, neither here nor there, why not.

If your book title does not use the highly sales-arousing  words like ANGELS or CHOCOLATE, it won’t matter because we have sprinkled them throughout this press release template like CHOCOLATE chips so search engines would hit them and direct you here. Who doesn’t like ANGELS and CHOCOLATE?

Next: the SEX.

We know you really want to know: is there SEX in the novel and what pages feature SEX scenes? “We are not exactly sure,” someone important says, what constitutes enough sex in this debut author’s novel, and while this isn’t an endorsement, since, frankly, we haven’t read the advance copy, “we like our SEX SEXY.”  So bring it.

We would provide more details about the novel right here, like when you can buy it and where you can find it, but honestly we will just add a couple of links and be done with it.

About the Author

Here you will read a short author bio. And she is quite short and we will go on to say that she is highly qualified to write this novel and NOT the one about CHOCOLATE ANGELS. Do you really read all the way to the bottom? We don’t think so, that is why we are going to not bother too much with it. This is supposed to be boilerplate author bio material, but when we first saw the words “boilerplate” and “bio,” we thought it read bipolar polar bears and we got distracted thinking about the sad problem of bipolar polar bears. To conclude, the author was born and lives somewhere, and writes other stuff too.