Book Marketing Hazards Ahead?

Am I messing with my ‘brand’ as a mystery novelist by updating my ‘Books‘ page as I have done? Will my audience be as confused as Mitt Romney’s campaign officials?

Put those Etch-a-Sketches down and listen for a moment to my rationale. I love all of my projects and am excited to talk about them. I like to experiment in a number of writing forms (poetry and prose) and in a number of novel genres (mystery and literary fiction). The more writing I do, the more I want to experiment, push myself, learn more. And overall, I hope to do better with each subsequent work.

So read all about my recent, forthcoming and in-progress novels on my updated books page. Plus, I’m showing off my Zorro lunchbox (featured in my novel-in-progress Albert Park), and I have posted my first blurb for Broken Down (forthcoming this September from North Star Press). Woot!

I am happy to clear up any marketing confusion that exists. Just click on my contact page and send me an email.