There Once Was A….

….limerick winner named Susan! My limerick won a contest at lulu, the publisher of the anthology Let Them Eat Crepes  (the book Melissa and I edited and published in late 2010).

Check out the lulu blog to read my winning entry, which earned me a Barnes & Noble Nook and a $100 credit for the lulu website.

In case you aren’t familiar with the limerick, it’s a poem that follows a strict form:

  • AABBA rhyme scheme
  • five lines
  • a galloping meter (typically)
  • humorous, and sometimes obscene subject matter (lulu asked us to keep our poems family-friendly)
Despite the very clear contest requirements, there were many submissions that didn’t even come close to specifications. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am a girl who follows directions, so I found it surprising. It’s not surprising that my day job involves following directions to the T.
We were allowed to enter more than once, and I became obsessed, even though my first entry was declared the winner.
I am glad there was a limited time that entries could be submitted. My obsession resulted in a collection of five limerick entries, the last of which made a nod to my obsession.
I learned a lot by self-publishing a book on lulu. And everything I learned has helped me with my traditionally published mystery, Washed Up (available everywhere).  Not sure yet which is harder, writing a book, or promoting it. Only time will tell…..