Halfway is Better than No Way

My manuscript in progress (unrelated to the Arvo Thorson mystery series) has reached 30,000 words.

I began writing it in the fall of 2010. Stopped writing it when I worked in earnest launching the debut mystery and writing the second one in that series.

This current work in progress is about a pathological liar who tells three different versions of his life story. In each version, significant people reappear, and tragedy strikes them. We suspect that the title character, Albert Park, is responsible for the tragedies, and that he is in denial.

But what is the truth? Who is Albert Park? Well I better finish up his story so you can find out, and soon. Because by late spring it will be time to write the third Arvo Thorson mystery.

The lesson from all of this is that writing goals are important, at least to me they are. Deadlines. Timelines. Keeping track of where I am and how far I have to go. Just continuing to slog through, even when it feels like I’m writing crap. Have to get it done in order to be able to go back and fine tune.

I know that I am halfway there. Now, just stay on task, stay on the road and I’ll get there.