On Alert and Ready to Be Absolutely Fabulous

Life presents little opportunities at the strangest times. And unless you’re on alert, focused on goals that mean something, and willing to take a stand for those goals, the little blip in the day may simply appear to be a disappointing obstacle versus the opportunity it is.

Today I had a list of things to I wanted to do, and suddenly an unexpected blip cropped up, threatening to ruin my plans. Rather than be overwhelmed by what appeared to be an insurmountable obstacle, my mind was in a calm and creative place — open — and instead of being undone, I was able to quickly evaluate and apply myself to that obstacle.

I turned it around to find the hidden opportunity the obstacle presented.  One task on the to-do list fell to the bottom, and the obstacle opportunity was dealt with. I know this all sounds quite mysterious. And it shall remain so. Just trying to provide you with some words of wisdom.

So “the project” (life itself) moved forward. And now I can sit down to watch Absolutely Fabulous, [GUILTY PLEASURE ALERT] knowing that I made the best lemonade out of the lemons that unexpectedly arrived. Cheers!