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Keeping Local Dollars Local

Perhaps you’ve heard about the new plans coming out of a major online retailer. Perhaps you haven’t. But, since you’re here, I’d like to take a few moments and tell you why it’s important to buy directly from publishers, authors, or independent stores. I have 10 reasons. I’ll share them with you and maybe you’ll pass them on. Maybe together, we can create something great!

1. When you buy directly from the author or the publisher, the author and the publisher get more of your money than they get when you buy online.

2. We mostly publish books about Minnesota, and mostly written by Minnesotans. Why should the dollars leave the Midwest?

3. We support Minnesota writers and so should you!

4. We are an independent company founded to bring out books that might not find a national market. We keep even the small voices from being silenced, and when you buy our books, you support free speech!

5. We’re a family company . . . we work together and work hard to bring interesting, amazing, and challenging books to the market, and we’d like those books to find homes with people who will appreciate them.

6. We produce local products, printed locally, by companies that take care of their people. We do our part to keep our dollars local.

7. We know our books and can personally recommend something for you, if you call us. We’re here Monday through Friday, 9-5, central. 320-558-9062

8. We can connect you with our authors for book clubs, events, and appearances. We can help you get signed copies!

9. We know that all it takes is a small group of people working together to make change, and we live that belief every day.

10. And if you buy three books (any combination of titles), using coupon code “3 Books” you’ll get free shipping from us, too!

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