Recommended First Novels (October Library Journal)

First Novels | Fall Fundamentals.

Today, my debut novel was cited in the semi-annual list of notable debut novels recommended for library collections.  That makes it two months in a row that Washed Up has been noticed by a leading publishing industry trade journal.

Wow. Wow.

I’m so thankful to get listed not just once, but twice. Now that I’m getting my feet wet marketing my book (i.e., trying to get the book noticed among the thousands and thousands of choices readers have), I’m understanding better the tremendous odds my little book faces. So I’m thankful for every reader who buys the book, for every friend, relative, and fan who might have good things to say, maybe convincing another reader to read, and everything that helps my little book take its journey on the other side of the imagination. And especially thankful when the industry helps spread the word.

The sequel is in the works, and news like todays really spurs me on. It helps me to keep believing in myself, in my writing, that I have learned how to imagine, craft and create a decent book. That people actually LIKE my writing is great.

Thank you, thank you!

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