The Day I Thought Would Never Come

Today, I sat down for a one-hour interview by a respected, long-time, major Twin Cities newspaper book critic. We had a lively chat about my book, writing, mysteries, and life. We learned that we share deep, lifelong ties to our West Side neighborhood, St. Paul, and Northern Dakota county. It was nice to connect in that way.

She wanted to know a lot about how it felt to have just published my book when a major news story broke on another, similar, sad murder. Even though I’d written about my feelings, it was hard to express what I felt in just a few words.

I guess this is why I’m a writer. I’m more articulate on the page than I can possibly be in person. I need a narrative to organize my thinking. I need time to edit my babbling in order to make it coherent.

So I did my best, off-the-cuff explanation, then sent her my blog link afterwards. : ) I’ll be interested to see how she distills our conversation, as to me it felt like I was all over the place. But she’s a pro, so I have no fear.

The story she’s writing will appear in the October 9th Pioneer Press. How cool is that?