Many Clues Left in Tragic New Baby Death

A shirt with a bread-slice imprint? Angel figurines? A bracelet? Wow.

Someone is trying very hard to keep a connection in place with  baby Angel. Humans have very often buried objects with the deceased. Question was: was the baby dead before being ‘buried’ in the river? Or put in the river to die.

If it’s the former, it makes sense that the objects would be included. A woman, or a girl, gives birth in secret. Perhaps she has no idea she was pregnant. The baby dies naturally as a result of the birth.  The mother needs to determine where to bury the baby. Maybe she thinks the figurines will weigh the bundle down, or just puts them there in some sort of symbolic gesture. A land burial might attract scavengers. The water burial might seem symbolic, more safe.

If the latter. Someone is trying to cover-up a secret/unwanted birth by an actual murder. The baby is born and killed. Perhaps all the objects are some attempt to justify the death (go be with the angels) and possibly misdirect with this abundance of evidence – maybe point elsewhere. Make it all look like some terrible tragedy.

This is all so eerie. I’m going with the former. Baby was DOA. Maybe a couple of teens who tried to hide everything. That’s my guess.

I won’t go into how familiar this seems, given my book. That’s the other part of it being so eerie.

http://www.twincities.com/ci_18884293?nclick_check=1Preview of “Police hope figurines, T-shirt, other clues lead to mom of baby ‘Angel’ found in river near Winona – TwinCities.com”