Admit One to “the Network of Literary Genius”

I stumbled across this description of my blog, made by a person completely unknown to me.

Hello Rhea Zwiebach. You are a college sophmore, apparently studying the interwebs this past spring when you came across my blog completely by accident.

And there under a description of someone far more prominent than me, you explained that my wit and charm make me beyond intriguing and added me to your “network of literary genius.”

Well thank you for that. I love everything you said and I hope I live up to it.

I love my new bio and I think I may use it on future occasions.

Susan is a published author, with works of fiction, memoirs and poetry prominent in her repetoir of successful literary accomplishments. She also maintains a blog online, and is wildly popular, though not necessarily mainstream. Her very light sarcasm, wit and charm make her beyond intriguing. She is currently working on her very first mystery, to be published on a future date.