Summer Must-Do List

The end (of summer) is near. I’ve done a lot, but still have so many summer-dos not yet done. How about you?

(1) State Fair. Will go more than once. Eat, yes, but mostly people watch and see the same places I see every year. Love creative activities. Art building. Really, everything. Last year I even watched the vet surgery.
(2) Reading on the patio. Just snapped up a few books at Magers & Quinn. Nice with a gin & tonic. On tap is Per Petterson’s “I Curse the River of Time.” Also want to read Ann Patchett’s “State of Wonder.”
(3) Back to school shopping. I kind of like it. Fresh notebooks, pens. Love to scan the 1cent deals in the Sunday ads. Go for a huge clothing run with the kids.
(4) Farmers Market meal planning. All of the vegetables are in. Made some great Finnish summer vegetable soup with a few cups of in season potatoes, carrots, green beans, zucchini (boiled in 2c water for 10-15 mins), added 1/2 c milk w/2T flour, boiled one min, added 1.5 c milk and 1/4 c heavy cream, salt and pepper. Yum.
(5) More bike riding and/or long walks. There hasn’t been enough of either. All the rain, then all the heat. Now it seems the best summer days are here, at last!
(6) Writing. The last week of August I’ll devote to finishing the second Arvo Thorson book. I’m excited, but also petrified. Lots of what ifs about the first book. WIll it sell? Will the reviews be good? So far, lots of positives. I eagerly await Library Journal’s word.
(7) The lake? The lake cabin (my husband’s family’s) may not get a visit from us this year. Still, I long to sit in the A-frame and take in the view.

(8) Connect with friends. Summer’s the ideal time to catch up with old friends. I saw a lot of familiar faces last week at an all-class reunion. Still plan to have a long chat with my good friend, Rick. Catch up with the people I connected with at various St. Paul arts events this past year. See the writing community later this month at the Loft’s annual meeting. Hang out with the neighbors in their back yard, or ours.

What about you? What have you yet to finish before summer comes to an end?