>Ode to Insurance-industry Poets (and novelists)


Poets are almost always hyphen-poets,
their poetry-making dashed by the pressing need
to earn their living; thus, we have journalist – and lawyer- and teacher-poets,
and baker-poets, and I’m sure a few butcher- and candle-
stick-maker poets, too, though I confess I know not a one.

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2 thoughts on “>Ode to Insurance-industry Poets (and novelists)”

  1. >Susan, I enjoyed your view. As much as I enjoy poems from every angle. When I read one written by somebody in my field (Hospitality), it really strikes an emotional chord.Its not even nessasary that I meet the author, more often than not….I kinda feel as if I had.I wish there were more collective works put out by specific guilds, it's the quickest way to understand them.

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