>Albert Park: A Celebration of Jazz, Literature, Lies and Holiday Lights


December 9, 2010: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Music by the Albert Park Trio (Cadenza Music All Stars Gene Monnig, James Dungan-Seaver, and Kurt Koefod); a world premiere reading from novel-in-progress Albert Park: A Memoir in Lies; and a walking tour of Albert Park, the USA’s smallest dedicated park.

Turtle Quarterly editor Kate Mulloy Nolan will be on hand with copies of the “Lies” issue that features a chapter from Albert’s story. Other writers with “Lies” stories or poems may be on hand to read as well.
Held at Amore Coffee’s beautiful West St. Paul location. It’s a holiday treat not to be missed!!
879 Smith Avenue

West Saint Paul, MN

Audio clip from Art Hounds


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