>Top Ten "Insteads"


The truth about writing? It’s hard to stay focused. Inspiration is work. Creativity requires a lot of heavy lifting in the brain, makes demands that you peer into your dark places. I was unprepared to venture out into the cold unknown world of the next chapter of my novel, and instead, got to this important list of to-dos. 
10) Took a new profile photo with Photo Booth.
9)  Edited new photo, uploaded to profile, decided I didn’t like it.
8) Took another photo, don’t like it much better but it features the new fake fireplace space heater.  Worked on editing it and got sleepy because the heater is so nice and toasty.
7) Took nap with kitty.
6)  Woke up hungry and went to kitchen. Looked in fridge. Threw out remains of Christmas smoked whitefish and last serving of two-week old cheesy potatoes.
5) Made brownies.
4)  While brownies baked, considered working on the other photo but gave up. Turned off heater because it was plenty warm.
3) Turned on shower to get humidity into the toasty warm bone-dry room.
2) Removed brownies from oven when timer rang.
1) Had brownies and glass of milk.

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