>Riverbaby, the novel

>Last November I hunkered down and used NaNoWriMo month to do some serious time with my novel, Riverbaby, a mystery set in an upper Mississippi river town. The hero of the story is detective Arvo Thorson who has yet to get over his no good, fifteen-timing ex-wife. Arvo is trying to uncover who is responsible for discarding the baby found dead by 12-year-old Abatha Cox. Somehow he also needs to get along with the neat freak county psychologist, Christine Ivory, because she can help him find out what Abatha knows. There’s also an unscrupulous Senator up for reelection who is trying to keep the awful crime from derailing her return to the US Senate.

Toss in a school janitor who is functioning as a father figure for Abatha, a strip joint run by a Somali immigrant and his intoxicatingly beautiful stripper wife, and the darkly beautiful, muscular and mysterious Mississippi, and I’d say you have a helluva a ride.

Stay tuned for excerpts and news.

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