My CURMUGN Dad Knew How to Get Results



His license plate said it all. CURMUGN.


We knew that my Dad wrote many letters to the editor of the Pioneer Press over the years. But we never guessed the true extent of his cranky correspondence. He was passionate about his opinions, but he got results.

Happy Father’s Day to the dearly departed CURMUGN, and all the dads everywhere.


Butter, cream, and eggs

I am very thankful for butter, cream and eggs. And flour and sugar. And electricity and clean water. And a healthy family. I hope your Thanksgiving preparations, and the day ahead, bring you and your family joy. Happy Thanksgiving!Image

Related by Heart

There is nothing better than a treasured aunt.

I have many, some I am related to by blood and others I am related to by heart, I guess that’s the best way to explain that latter category.

In the former category are the sisters of my dad (he came from a large family). In the latter are the lovely life-long friends of my mother.

My dear aunties have sent me cards congratulating me on the book and I treasure every word they’ve written.

One, my beautiful Aunt Jane (my dad’s sister), writes how proud she and Uncle Dick are, and especially thankful that “the book” is easy on the eyes. She says she’s pushing it all over River Falls, Wisconsin, her hometown. Thanks, Aunt Jane!!

Another, my vivacious Auntie Lo (a friend of my mother), has written me in huge, ornate purple marker (in exuberant cursive lines that rise on the page) to send her kudos to ‘mon cherie Suz’, passing along a special note to my hubby re the splendid (underlined) portrait. Inexplicably she enclosed a shiny Canadian 50 cent coin (marking the 50th anniversary of the accession of Elizabeth II to the throne) which I find indescribably lovely and quirky: SO AUNTIE LO!

Another Auntie (Maureen) turned up at my event and I was so touched and excited to see her. She’s another of my ‘fake’ aunts (friends of my mom), still robust in her 70’s, and promising to come to next week’s library event.

Finally there is Auntie Shirley, who is so happy to learn that I wrote the book in the house where she grew up, in the attic space (now renovated) where she used to play with my mother when they were both girls.

Each one is a treasure and a joy, and I’m so glad that they are celebrating with me.