Make a Date for a Breakdown

It’s now just two months from the release of the second Arvo Thorson mystery, Broken Down. You may preorder print versions at  AmazonBarnes and Noble, or your favorite Indie bookstoreeBooks will also be available when the book is released.

Events will be held in late September at the Galleria (Edina) and Roseville (Har Mar) Barnes and Noble stores. More events are coming. Check my events page for details or watch for updates closer to the release date. I hope to see you at my events! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the book – below you can find what the pros think of Broken Down.

Broken Down (North Star Press, September 2012)


In Broken Down, the death of a swing bridge operator is clearly no accident and a troubled 15-year-old boy and the aging bridge are both under suspicion for murder.

Detective Arvo Thorson is having a breakdown of his own: a drinking binge makes him all too vulnerable to his ex-wife’s treacherous charms, and may put the cork in his romance with social worker Christine Ivory. Meanwhile Christine is burnt out from too many years working with Mendota County’s youngest crime victims and she’s ready for a change, even if that means leaving Mendota County, and Arvo, for good.

Book includes discussion group guide.

“Koefod fulfills the promise of her debut novel Washed Up with this fast, fresh and smart follow-up. Broken Down is the next step in what promises to be to be a first-rate series.

– David Housewright
Edgar Award-winning author of Curse of the Jade Lily

“In Broken Down, Susan Koefod delivers a splendid sequel to Arvo Thorson’s adventures in life and law. This book oozes with originality regarding murder, plot and character.”

– Julie Kramer, best-selling author of Riley Spartz thrillers, including Minnesota Book Award winner Stalking Susan

“Koefod’s Broken Down is filled with vivid detail, complex relationships, and a remarkable insight into the human psyche.”

– Jessie Chandler, author of Bingo Barge Murder, a Shay O’Hanlon caper

Print and ebooks available at AmazonBarnes and Noble, or your favorite Indie bookstore.



Free free free, click here: FREE BOOK.  

Disclosure: It’s short.

Okay it’s flash fiction short – that makes it a flash-y book. But fear not: no flashers are in the book, nothing is flashed. Maybe it’s too short – oh goodness.

It’s safe for the family.

Wait. Full disclosure. Okay there’s a sad part.

More disclosure. There’s a scary part. 

There’s a lot to be afraid of in this world. Lots of scary stuff. Sad stuff. Not always disclosed in advance like we here at SUSAN KOEFOD AUTHOR ENTERPRISES try to disclose the sad scary stuff. We want to gently prepare you for sad and scary things, when we can.

But is any of it FREE? All of the sad and scary stuff out in the world?  Sometimes, yes – sad and scary things are maybe free. But these kinds of sad scary things end up costing big bucks. THAT IS WHY WE HAVE INSURANCE. Which covers maybe 80% of the cost after you pay your humungous deductible.

But this small, scary, and sad thing is FREE FREE FREE. 100% FREE, no deductible, no copay.

That is what you need to know.

The picture on the cover is a little drawing/painting I did years ago but I think it makes a nice cover. Maybe looks a little childish? It’s not really very sad or scary, so maybe misleading about the story, which does, perhaps, end on a positive note. A FREE positive note, might I add? Some positive notes wind up costing a fortune, everyone knows.

Did I mention this one’s free?

Yes it is a Nook book. But there are Nook apps, etc, if you don’t own the device, so you can download the app, as required to your computer.  Elsewhere I offer an ePub version so you can go with that if you want. It’s even out there as an iBook

You see, we here at SUSAN KOEFOD AUTHOR ENTERPRISES offer you so much. Sad, scary things we warn you about in advance, access to many eBook platforms, a touch of life advice, and a short story that ends on a positive note. ALL FREE!