The Inconsistent Muse

Some writing prompts inspire, others leave me cold. For example, no matter how much I thought about Vita.mn’s “choose your own adventure” prompt, I couldn’t come up with a thing. I don’t find structure inspiring I guess. It’s not a jumping off point.

Revolver’s “the city was in a mild state of ache” was weirdly inspiring, and an oddly placed letter (misspelling anyone?) in my Imagefirst line sent me off in a direction I didn’t expect.

The former prompt was for a no-fee contest with a $1,000 possible reward. The latter promises publication to the winner, no money, but given the structure of the contest, one is instantly published on Facebook. So why couldn’t I bite the bullet and come up with something, anything for the possible monetary prize?

Who knows. It’s the nature of the muse. Wish writing were a piece of cake. A luscious, chocolate, calorie-free piece of cake.


Don’t Miss This Blog Post!

ImageIf you have been waiting for a fascinating, entertaining blog post that will give you the inside skinny on surprising new developments in my life, and how those newsworthy items are relevant to YOU, well I’m here to shed a little light on the situation.

You’ve come to the wrong place, I’m very sorry to inform you of that fact.

I have absolutely nothing NEW and EXCITING to relate, but of course if you want to get an update on some old, exciting news, why you are very welcome to check that out.

If, however, you have been DYING to find a cute photo of an adorable little girl and a delightful little puppy sharing an ice cream cone, YOU HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT.

And yes, you will be very glad that you have not missed THIS BLOG POST as it contains the very photo you have been looking for. And you are very welcome to stay as long as you like.